Facing Fukushima is, for me, the world coming to terms with the nuclear industry. The Japanese have lived through many natural disasters and prepared for a wide range of emergencies. The global toll of what Fukushima signifies is greater. By continuing to visit the communities of people and the lands directly affected by the radioactive contamination, and photographing the invisibly polluted landscape, I will illustrate the toll of the unbridled quest to feed and grow modern economies.

I have chosen to work with a large-format view camera in order to slowly, deliberately and intimately record and absorb the impact of this earth-shattering event. Life is short and precious; it is a gift of the lands that this disaster has now laced with unstable electrons that will react for years, decades or even eons-- in the air, in the milk, and in our bones-- not just of those in the immediate vicinity of the disaster, but to one extent or another, all of us, no matter where we live. In the end, We all are Faceing Fukushima.

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